It Keeps Regenerating Itself

...no matter what we throw at it, it just comes back.

General, I think this Giant Roblog is unstoppable!

Well - I haven't updated in nearly two months. Considering this fact, it's kind of surprising that I'm only the second most boring blogger alive. The most boring is Ted McGillinsley of Wooster, OH who writes twice a day about his collection of common nickles.

Suck it, Ted!

Anyway, on with the show...

Is this the true form of the Mighty Giant Roblog?!

Truth be told, the only reason I'm writing this is because I revamped the Giant Roblog (just in case any of you out there in my dedicated legion of fans didn't notice). I was in a bad mood, and I started piecing together a banner to get my mind off of things. Fast forward a couple hours and I redesigned the whole blamed thing.

I'm quite proud to announce that all graphics on Giant Roblog were produced with free and open-source software. Chief amongst the apps was Xara LX, which I've been getting the hang of the past few days. I'm really quite enamored with it, actually.

Xara started out life as closed-source proprietary software, and was even a Corel product at one point. They announced they were open sourcing Xara last October, and development has apparently been humming along ever since. The current version (.6) is quite usable, if a little rough around the edges (and crashy).

Check it out here:
Xara Xtreme

More Updates Forthcoming

Yep, you read them big words right. I'm making an effort to actually... ya know... blog. Nobody reads this, but working on it regularly couldn't hurt. Anything that keeps them typing fingers a tip-type-tapping.

See ya later this week, Giant Robloggers...


At 25 July, 2006 22:32, Blogger Archibob said...

giant robots and destroyed cityscapes... just like chocolate and peanut butter.

nice redesign hommie


At 30 July, 2006 11:35, Blogger Maxetormer said...

Funy read, I like it, I had a good
laugth on the p0rn essay,
good work mate!

At 31 July, 2006 19:00, Blogger Spectre-7 said...

Thanx Bob-O. Could still use some tweaking, but I think it's pretty much there.

Holy cow... another reader. I think I just had a minor heart attack.

Glad ya liked it! I need to go see a doctor now.


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