The Further Adventures...

I'm in a summarizing mood, so I'm going to chronicle my most recent adventures in chewy, bite-sized pieces tonight. Feel free to enjoy these adventures with a refreshing beverage.

Geisha Feet

I got myself a brand-spankin' new pair of shoes... a pair of Rod Lavers. Against my own better judgement, I ordered online and had them delivered. Needless to say, they are not the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I'll be damned if they don't look sweet though. If I'm lucky, the leather will stretch.... Not that I've ever been particularly lucky before.

Street Solder

Circuit boards continue to taunt me. Those which I haven't retardedly broken through my own gross negligence seem to eventually fail of their own accord. The most recent casualty was my Soundblaster Live!, may it rest in peace... Or in my sock-drawer. In an unusual spate of luck, it turns out that my motherboard has an onboard AC97 soundchip which I oddly, perhaps presciently included support for in my kernel. Will wonders never cease?

The DVD on my Xbox is flaky as hell, and for that, I extend my middle-finger in the direction of Redmond, Washington. I've dismantled and cleaned the device (Spectre counts on fingers)... ummm, several times. The good news is that it crashes less now. Yay for 'less'.

The best news is that I finally repaired my headset. A little background... About a month ago, I stupidly hooked the on-cable volume control to my belt. This might not have been so stupid, had I not also absent-mindedly rested my foot on the other end of the cable. Imagine this... Headset on my head (fancy that), volume control hooked to belt, foot on other end of cable. Now... imagine me trying to stand up.


My soldering skills are typically... *ahem* pathetic. The wire leads that attach the microphone to the volume control board are miniscule. The combination of these two factors should be a recipe for disaster, or at least comedy. The shocker here is that I actually fixed it. What'd I just say? That's right, I actually fixed it on my first try. Suck on that, incompetence! I solder on...

There's Magic in that Command Line

I'm not completely sure when I switched over, but I've been rockin' the penguin for about a year now. I've gotten myself pretty well acquainted with the OS (I like to think), but it's time to take the next step. It's time to become a Command Line Wizard.

Now, before I started on this little adventure, I wasn't totally command-line ignorant. I knew my way around the filesystem, and I had a pretty good grasp of basic file management and what-not, but... What's the fun of the Unixy-world without writing scripts?

So, I started assigning myself projects. My first project came about because I wanted to prove someone else was an idiot (funny how many of my projects start that way). The goal? To write a Bash script that scans through a directory and its subdirectories and changes every upper-case letter to a lower-case letter. I had a working version that night (Yipee!).

Today, I made myself a day-time and night-time wallpaper. My project, once I chose to accept it, was to automate switching between the two wallpapers. I couldn't (quickly) figure out a way to grab times for sunrise and sunset, so instead it switches desktop at 6:30am and 6:30pm, and that's good enough.... At least, I suspect it's good enough. I should know some time tomorrow afternoon.

Oh no!

Selected excerpts from inside my head during the past week:
  • Ow, my damn finger!

  • Jesus, haven't I finished writing that book?

  • That 15 year old girl thinks I'm a bit tooooo funny.

  • Ow, my damn finger!

  • Why does my room smell like that?

  • OW! Damn you, finger!

On Writer's Block

It's a bitch. 'Nuff said.

On Silly Trademarks

It seems that Marvel and DC have jointly trademarked the term "Super-Hero". Hmmm... Perhaps I should trademark "Get fucked, you cock-biting shit lickers!" and patent a method for flipping them off.
The preceding snarkiness brought to you by Swear-O-Matic 3000!

Shaun of the Dead

Just thought I'd drop a little note about this fine movie. If you like zombies and british humor....... well, then you've probably already seen it.

Stanton Moore

You like jazz? Well, I do. I'm listening to Stanton Moore's Flyin' The Koop right now, and it's a right fine album. I like it more every time I hear it. Good stuff. Yeah. If you were expecting an in depth music review, I exist only to disappoint you.


I guess that's about it. Exciting life, isn't it? Next week, I'll... umm... Probably be passed out or something.



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