Today's Word - Eugooglize

Welcome to the second day in my personal quest to extend the english lexicon beyond the limits of reason. Today's word was offered by my brother, who is that guy... That's right, he's the last man in america without a blog. I considered turning it away as punishment for his inability to conform, but there's no sense in punishing a perfectly good word for his sins.

Today's word is

transitive verb

To search for news of someone's demise on the internet, especially when searching with Google.

"Is Abe Vigoda still alive?"
"Let me eugooglize him... Why, it says right here at www.abevigoda.com that he is, in fact, still alive.
"Well fancy that."

Eugooglize is a combination of the words Eulogy and Google. The first known occurance of the word was in the film Zoolander, but it appeared there with a different meaning. In the original context, "Eugoogalize" and "Eugoogaly" were simple mispronunciations of the words "Eulogize" and "Eulogy" respectively.


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