New Word

New words are great, aren't they? I think everyone should invent a new word every day. If we all did, the english language would be rendered mutually unintelligeable in a matter of days. How fabulous would that be?

Whaddyu mean that would suck?


Well, frankly I don't give a crap. In fact, I'm going to start the ball rolling. We, or rather "Me" here at Giant Roblog will be introducing a new word daily... or whenever I bloody well feel like it, which might be more than daily, or more likely quite less often than daily. Time will tell.

Today's new word:


1. A hybrid commercial and sit-com. They are short, interstitial ads that involve continuing situational comedy with a regular cast of characters.

Examples of Sitcommercials:
The Capitol One ads involving David Spade and his protege`, Chubbsy.
The Burger King ads that take place in an office, usually during lunch.
The Grape Nuts commercials, with a manager trying to fire his crunch-deafened employee.

Sadly, a Google search has just proven that I did not, in fact, coin this term. Bugger.

Till next time, keep it on ice.


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