A Day Delay

I've done my usual procrastinating, and put off working on the card game until tonight. It's basically done, but I'm going to take one more day to check for spelling and format errors. I also didn't want to release it late tonight, which would probably not draw too many readers (oooh, am I whoring now?). Sorry 'bout the delay, but it will definitely be out tomorrow in the afternoon. Besides, it's free. :)

In the "black, white and red" department

If anyone's actually been reading this, you'll notice I've been redesigning the page little by little. Turns out that CSS is easy and fun! Whoda thunkit. I haven't quite mastered it yet, but I think I'll be churning out some interesting websites in the not-too-distant future. Don't expect the site for my card game to be one of them. Seriously.

And in not much at all...

I think Surface has become a guilty pleasure. It's not complete dreck, but let's be honest... It's not brilliant television either. The story isn't gripping, the producers seem to think we want to watch people freak-out over running water (goes for Invasion too), and sometimes it's outright stupid.

It gets one thing right. Cheesecake, and plenty of it.

Almost every episode shows the entertainingly-named Lake Bell (real name, no joke) in some state of undress, and believe-you-me... It's good. Really good. If that weren't enough, the even-more-entertainingly-named Leighton Meester (I wish I could make this stuff up) is contractually obligated to appear in a bikini in all scenes.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is good television. Don't even get me started on Smallville.

That about wraps it up for tonight.
Keep it on ice, hep kats...


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