In the cards...

It's surprising just how sidetracked I can get in the middle of a project, although I suppose there's something to be said for "following my muse". Long story short, I was working on my notes-wiki (see last week) and stumbled across this idea for a card game that's supposed to exist in my book's world. Fast forward three days and here I am with a fully developed, non-collectable card game, complete with its own deck of custom cards (graphics and all). The obvious question is, "What the hell am I going to do with this?"

To be honest, I don't know. I've considered trying to sell it. I'd like a chance to further test it, but no one will touch it with a 10-foot pole (seems folks I know don't dig card games... at all). There's only so much I can learn about a game playing against myself, so it seems I'm kind of hosed.

Wait, what's this internet thing again?

I got another one of my bright ideas. Why not release the game under a Creative Commons License? If I'm lucky, some souls out there in cyberspace will nab my game, try it out and tell me what works. Sounds awefully optimistic, don't it? Yeah, I know.

The game is called Gambit, and is designed to be played by 2-5 players. It uses a deck of 40 cards, and can best be described as a mix between... Actually, it's not really like any other card game (that I know of). Each player gets 5 cards and then they wage war on one another. Gameplay is fast and furious, with a good balance of chance and tactics. Best of all, it'll be available for free download later this week.

When the PDF is posted, it'll contain the rule book and a sample deck. Just print the document, cut out the cards, and you're good to go. Hey, who doesn't like a free game? All I ask is that you give me some feedback after you give it a try.

Gambit should be out around wednesday. Keep an eye out.

Peace hippies...


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