Nolo Contendre

It's been a while, Giant Robloggers (all bleeding one of you). Seems my last post was back in August, and I can gladly say that quite a lot has changed since then. Like... stuff. Stuff has definitely changed.

shut up...

What's new, Scooby-Doo?

The biggest news is that I'm now involved with an excellent project called Extinction Level Event, which you can check out at www.extinctionlevelevent.com.

The project manager has some very keen ideas about open production and business, which long-time Robloggers know I'm all about. I'm assisting the project in a writing capacity, which while lacking the glamour and glory of the art departments, is still a necessary evil. ;)

Open Season on Writers

In other news, I'm going to be super busy for the next month. Maybe even tear-my-hair-out busy. It turns out there are a ton of short fiction contests with December 1st due dates, and very few accept simultaneous submissions. That means I have a metric assload of work to do. I've also decided to stop posting my fiction up here, since A) No one reads it anyway, and 2) Some publishers get antsy about stories that have previously been "published on the web." That's not ambiguous or anything.

On a fairly related note, I'm also going to be applying for a fellowship. "A fellowship?" You ask.

Yep. I found a school that offers fellowships for first time authors with unfinished manuscripts. That description smells and awful lot like me. Terms of the fellowship include room and board on campus for a period of nine months, as well as a $10,000 stipend, under the conditions that the author is expected to finish the novel during his residence, as well as make some time available to talk to kids who're interested in writing. I think I can handle that.

I expect competition to be fierce, and I think I'm probably at a disadvantage, considering the fact that my trouser-combusting novel is both genre fiction and violent as hell. On the plus side, it does set pants on fire, and that's bound to impress somebody on the review committee. Here's hoping that the committee wears unusually flammable jockies.

From the Promotions Department

An old friend of mine has his second book coming out in November. The author is Simon Read and the book is In the Dark: The True Story of the Blackout Ripper.

Simon's an outstanding fellow, and he writes about some truly gruesome subjects. Show him some love and buy a couple copies of his book(s). Read them. Enjoy them. Give them to friends and family. Nothing says "I love you" like jamming a true crime book in someone's christmas stocking.

All Hallows Eve

Looks like I don't have any real plans for Halloween this year. That's another perfectly good, spooky holiday down the drain. All I can do is plan for next year, and hoo-boy, am I planning for next year.

Initially, what I wanted to do was get 10-20 friends together, dress everyone up as zombies, and shamble down the streets together in character for several hours on Halloween night. Now, I want more.

Imagine, if you will, groups like this in every city in the nation. Halloween night will be a simulated zombie apocalypse. What the hell could be sweeter than that?

How can you help? Spread the word. Organize a local zombie group, and prepare yourselves to scare the crap out of the country next year. The zombie apocalypse is coming to get you, Barbara. MuhuhAhaHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wrapping Up

That's about all for this update, Robloggers. As a final note, I've got the finished renders of that Wii-Mote I was working on. All-in-all, I think it came out pretty well. Linkage below.

Cool pic

Bigger, less cool pic

Also, in case y'all didn't notice, I've updated the page graphics again. This pass was mostly just to sharpen and expand on the original update. Let me know if this isn't working for you... or lie to me. One of the two.

Keep it on ice, hep kats...