Word Quest Continues - Who's Skitchin'?

Today on Giant Roblog, we have a new word and an update on yesterday's word. Without any futher ado, let's jump right on in.

Ashes to ashes, and all that jazz...

My brother wrote in to inform me that I wasn't using Eugooglize as he had defined it. Actually, he didn't "write in", but that sounds nicer than "he ducked his head into my room". Similarly, he didn't phrase his complaint quite like that, but I'm going to persist with the edited version for decency's sake.

Apparently, Eugooglizing is the act of googling someone's life story and/or accomplishments upon hearing of their death. So, to work with yesterday's example:

"Hey, the news just said Abe Vigoda died. What was he in?"
"Let me just google him up... Hmmm. Looks like he was in a bunch of stuff. The Godfather, some cop shows, Fish..."
"Fish, that's what I was thinking of. Poor Abe."
"We'll miss you dearly, Fish."

note: Abe Vigoda is still alive. Check www.abevigoda.com for more information.

Today's Word: Skitch


A short, improvisational play performed on the street, usually while soliciting money.

intransitive verb
skitch, skitching, skitched

The act of performing short, improvisational plays on the street, usually while soliciting money.

The word is a combination of the words Sketch and Skit, which are nearly synonymous. The usage is similar to that of Busking.

"Are you still doing improv?"
"Yeah. On the weekends, me and my troop skitch on University Avenue. We be skitchin', bitch."

And that's all for today. Come back tomorrow for another useless word!